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Who we are

The Dutch Working Party on Antibiotic Policy (Dutch acronym is SWAB) was founded in 1996 as an initiative of the Society of Infectious Diseases and the professional societies of medical microbiologists and hospital pharmacists. Its major goal is to contribute to the containment of the development of antimicrobial resistance and of the expanding costs of the use of antibiotics. This is achieved by optimizing the use of antibiotics.

The board

Members of the board are:

M.G.J. de Boer, MD Phd

infectious disease specialist


B.N.M. Sinha, MD PhD

medical microbiologist

Honorary Secretary

P.D. van der Linden, PharmD

hospital pharmacist


J.W. Mouton, MD PhD

medical microbiologist

former President

E.M.W. van de Garde, PharmD

hospital pharmacist


D.C. Melles, PhD

medical microbiologist


S. Natsch, PharmD

hospital pharmacist

J. ten Oever, MD PhD infectious disease specialist  
J.J. Oosterheert, MD PhD infectious disease specialist  

A.M.G.A. de Smet, MD PhD


D. Touw, Md PhD

hospital pharmacist


A. Verbon, MD Phd

infectious disease specialist


C.M. Verduin, Phd

medical microbiologist


Th.J.M. Verheij, MD PhD

family medicine


A. Voss, MD PhD

medical microbiologist


J.A. Wagenaar, MD PhD

veterinary physician


J. Wiersinga, MD PhD

infectious disease specialist


T. Wolfs, MD PhD

pediatric infectious disease specialist   


Secretariat/policy officer

S. Najaf  

Working group surveillance antibiotic resistance

Dr. D.C. Melles


Prof. dr. J.E. Degener


Dr.ir. S.C. de Greeff

Prof.dr. J.W. Mouton

Dr. C. Schultsz

Dr. E.E. Stobberingh

Dr. C.M. Verduin

Working group surveillance antibiotic use

Dr. S. Natsch


Dr. E. van de Garde


Drs. T.B.Y. Liem


Dr. P.D. van der Linden  
Dr. M. Lourens  
Drs. C. Pellicaan  
Dr. M. Roukens  
Dr. A.W. van der Velden  

Working group Antibiotic Stewardship

Dr. J. ten Oever president
S. Balder  
Dr. E.C.H. Boel  
Prof.dr. A.W. Friedrich  
I. Groothuis  
Dr. R.M. van Hest  
Prof.dr. M.E.J.L. Hulscher  
Prof.dr. B.J. Kullberg  
Dr. P.D. van der Linden  
Prof.dr. J.M. Prins  
Prof.dr. B.N.M. Sinha  
Prof.dr. A. Verbon  
Dr. C.M. Verduin  
Prof.dr. H.F.L. Wertheim  
Dr. T.F.W. Wolfs  

Committe guidelines

Prof. dr. J.M. Prins


Prof. dr. I.C. Gyssens

Prof. dr. B.J. Kullberg

Drs. M. van Vonderen



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