NethMap is a report about consumption of antimicrobial agents and antimicrobial resistance among medically important bacteria in the Netherlands. The information presented in NethMap is based on data from ongoing surveillance systems on the use of antimicrobial agents in human medicine and on the prevalence of resistance to relevant antimicrobial agents among medically important bacteria isolated from healthy individuals and patients in the community and from hospitalized patients.

This report is published under the acronym NethMap by the SWAB, the Dutch Foundation of the Working Party on Antibiotic Policy, in collaboration with the Centre for Infectious disease control (CIb) of the RIVM, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment of the Netherlands.

NethMap is a combined back-to-back report with MARAN (Monitoring of antimicrobial resistance and antibiotic usage in animals in the Netherlands). The information presented in MARAN is based on total sales data and animal specific usage of antimicrobial agents in animal husbandry and the occurrence of antimicrobial resistance in bacteria of animal origin and of relevance to public health.

Dutch Working Party on Antibiotic Policy (SWAB)

The major goal of the Dutch Working Party on Antibiotic Policy (Dutch acronym is SWAB) is to contribute to the containment of the development of antimicrobial resistance and of the expanding costs of the use of antibiotics. This is achieved by optimizing the use of antibiotics by means of guideline development, education and antibiotic resistance surveillance.

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