SWAB guidelines

Since 1996, the Dutch Working Party on Antibiotic Policy (Stichting Werkgroep AntibioticaBeleid, SWAB) has been developing national guidelines for the use of antibiotics in hospitalized adult patients. As a result of both an inventory of the wishes of the users of these guidelines and the recently developed criteria for evidence-based guideline development, we have revised our format for the development of SWAB guidelines. By involving the members of the relevant professional societies and giving them the opportunity to comment on the guidelines at an early stage, we are aiming for a successful implementation of the guidelines in the hospitals.

Dutch Working Party on Antibiotic Policy (SWAB)

The major goal of the Dutch Working Party on Antibiotic Policy (Dutch acronym is SWAB) is to contribute to the containment of the development of antimicrobial resistance and of the expanding costs of the use of antibiotics. This is achieved by optimizing the use of antibiotics by means of guideline development, education and antibiotic resistance surveillance.

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