Masterclass Dutch Antimicrobial Stewardship

“How to improve antibiotic use: a practical introduction to the development and implementation of Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs”

Our goal is to guide professionals and policy makers through the process of developing and implementing a successful Antimicrobial Stewardship Program in their hospital, healthcare system, region or even country. We achieve to do so by preparing you through pre-course online courses and project assignments, by teaching you through a 5-day course and helping you to elaborate your project. After the masterclass a dedicated coach will assist you with the evaluation and refinement of the project. This masterclass is organised by the Radboudumc and is endorsed by SWAB and ESCMID.

The masterclass aims to teach senior staff hospital doctors, policy makers and is ideally oriented at groups.

14-18 Oct. 2020; max. 40 participants; very suitable for group training (hospital, healthcare system, region or country).

You will be staying in the new and luxurious Landgoed Hotel Holthurnsche Hof which is situated on a beautiful 19th-century estate between the hills of Berg en Dal, only a few kilometers from Nijmegen.

Acceptance criteria
No limitations. However, this course is a teach-the-teacher, postgraduate course targeted at healthcare professionals with hospital, clinical or management.

European CME credits pending.

We apply four price categories: 
- Participant high income countries - full price - €2,500.00   
- Participant high income countries - young specialists (age <35) 50% discount - €1,250.00  
- Participant middle income countries - 50% discount - €1,250.00  
- Participant low income countries - 100% discount and eligible for travel reimbursement

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14 okt 2020 tot 18 okt 2020

09:00 uur - 17:00 uur

Landgoed Hotel Holthurnsche Hof, Berg en Dal

Aanvullende informatie
European CME credits pending

Stichting Werkgroep Antibioticabeleid

De Stichting Werkgroep Antibiotica Beleid (SWAB) is in 1996 opgericht op initiatief van de Vereniging voor Infectieziekten, de Nederlandse Vereniging voor Medische Microbiologie en de Nederlandse Vereniging voor Ziekenhuisapothekers. De SWAB beoogt de kwaliteit van het antibioticagebruik in Nederland te optimaliseren teneinde een bijdrage te leveren aan de beheersing van resistentie-ontwikkeling en aan beperking van de kosten en andere negatieve effecten van antibioticagebruik.

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